Amano: R1 Sale Wrapping Up, R2?

As things wrap up here from the Amano Rev 1 in-stock sale, I wanted to provide a few updates.

I have shipped all Amano Rev 1 A stock orders off, and my home office is once again rather spacious. This begs the question, what next? Well a few things:

  1. Document and provide opportunity to purchase a small number of B stock and extra items.
  2. Perform financial analysis after all funds clear, and cut check for 50% of profits as promised.
  3. Aggregate and document feedback from the community on Rev 1.
  4. Announce further details on non-Alice projects (Shacket, Oto)

Amano Rev 1 was a rather quite, and private project. With only a single Reddit post and discord server I managed to keep the demand almost exactly at the level necessary to provide all folks who were highly interested an opportunity to purchase one. I am very happy about this, and I like this approach. As I contemplate Round 2 I went ahead and created a basic R2 IC form. Looking forward to seeing how much interest there still may be out there without widely publicizing.